Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Business Plan of The Convenient PetStore Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7250 words

Business Plan of The Convenient PetStore - Essay Example The pet owners are now treating their pets as family members and are ensuring proper attention is given to the pets so that they remain fit and apt. In order to meet the growing demand of pet owners for preservative free products, The Convenient PetStore will offer a wide range of products to the customers who have a strong bond with their pets and will pay high prices for ensuring the safety of their pet’s health. After the survey of the entire market, it has been decided that the store will start its operations in Seattle in January 2013. The store has completed all pre-requisites so that the customers can avail the best quality products. The management team and personnel required for running the store have been hired and they are being trained so that they can offer a spectacular range of services to the customers. The store’s website is under construction so that the customers can retrieve complete details and information about the store from its site when the stor e starts its operations. The competitive edge that the store will have is providing the pet owners an easily accessible option for buying the organic foods for pets that will enhance the quality of food fed to the animals so that their health gets better in future and they can remain healthy and fit for unlimited time period.

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