Monday, November 18, 2019

Job search Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Job search - Essay Example Further, it is not known when a situation may arise that might bring about the need for extended services beyond the normal routine scheduling, thus requiring that an individual seeking to work as a ground hostess should be flexible and have the ability to work for long hours (Wadhwaney, 2004 p55). Nevertheless, there are several fundamental competencies and attributes are necessary qualifications for the position of a ground hostess. Necessary competencies for a Ground Hostess Pleasing and confident personality Pleasing and confident personality is a fundamental requirement for an individual seeking to work as a ground hostess, considering that it is a position that entails dealing with diverse people directly, and thus there is a need to be able to handle them appropriately, and make them feel comfortable, even when the situation does not speak to the same (Morgan, 2005 p156). Considering that occasional occurrences that may disrupt the travel plans and comfort of the airline trave lers are not inevitable, the pleasant attitude and personality is essential, to give the affected people a reassurance, while also making it possible for those with issues to approach and enquire from the person, since a pleasant personality translates into a welcoming attitude (IGIA, 2013 n.p.). Strong communication skills and command of key languages Communication has always formed the basis of establishing a relationship between individuals, and thus excellent communication skill, coupled with a good command of key languages used in the region is essential, to ensure that there is effective interaction between the ground hostess and the visitors to the airline (Kent, 2002 p27). While the ground hostess is in a position to communicate well with the travelers, then, the person becomes helpful to them, since they will be able to enquire regarding various aspects of their travel, and get helpful information (Canwell & Sutherland, 2003 p53). Further, the ability to communicate efficie ntly with the travelers, and in the language they understand well, forms the basis of visitors achieving a rewarding experience, which may act as the basis of future engagement with the airline (IGIA, 2013 n.p.). Patience While the other attributes are considered essential for the position of a ground hostess, nothing would be more necessary that patience, which is the attribute that allows an individual to keep calm and resilient when handling crisis, without the possibility of escalating the situation (Air hostess, 2012 n.p.). Therefore, patience allows the person working as a ground hostess to address the issues raised by the visitors to the airline amicably, without resulting to unnecessary conflicts with the visitors, even when such visitors could be harsh, rude and condescending (Great Britain, 2012 p41). It is through patience that a person working as a ground hostess will be able to assist, offer guidance and direction to visitors, especially who are first time travelers or those who are new to the airline, and may not understand the necessary procedures. Patience allows the ground hostess

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